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Welcome to my 8 Virus Outbreak scifi movies mini-review & recommendations. If you're only going to watch the best or underrated imo, check these out.

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Always remember that whenever you end up catching a cold, there are plenty of things you can contract that are far far worse. Especially if you live in a horror movie. So today I thought I'd cover films which plots that revolve around viral outbreaks.
Where an outbreak is a sudden occurrence of a disease within a particular place and time frame. In which it can affect a small town or an entire continent. Within the movie universe it's usually super lethal & highly contagious, or it just turns you into some form of zombie.

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The "Hemomancer " cheat sheet : Outbreak, Rec, The Crazies, Pontypool, Shivers,Flu,blindness,28 days later,

Director Wolfgang Petersen's Action Drama, Outbreak 1995
Follows Virologist Col Sam Daniels' whose job within the military is to investigate nasty diseases. When a deadly airborne virus finds its way into a small town within the USA, it rapidly starts killing off the local population. where it's now up to Col Daniels and his team, to try and control this viral outbreak.

Directors Balagureo & Plaza's, Mystery Horror, [Rec] 2007
Set in Barcelona, where a television reporter and her cameraman are following a local fire crew for their Tv Show. Whilst filming the fire-fighters they receive a distress call from a local apartment building. When they arrive everything seems normal, until they go inside.

Director Breck Eisner's, Horror Thriller, The Crazies 2010
Set in a small Iowa town where everything is pretty normal. Until one day a man burns down his own house, while another walks onto a school baseball game with a loaded shotgun. With all these crazy events happening, it doesn't take the Sherriff long to figure out that something is definitely affecting the people in his town.

Director, Bruce McDonald's, Fantasy Horror, Pontypool 2008
Follows radio announcer Grant Mazzy, who has a new job in the small town of Pontypool. Whilst listening to their reporter describing a rather strange sounding riot, the call gets abruptly cut off. When the reporter calls back, Grant & his team, become aware that something horrible is occurring just a few miles away from them.

Director, David Cronenberg's, Horror sci-fi, Shivers 1975
Set in a luxury apartment building, where there appears to be a bizarre murder-suicide, in which a misguided biology researcher kills his mistress to assure funding for his project. But when the residents of the building start getting sexually assaulted by their fellow tenants, it becomes clear there was something more to that suicide.

Director Sung-su Kim's, Drama Thriller, Flu 2013
After smuggling illegal immigrants into South Korea, a smuggler catches an unknown virus from one of their prisoners. Soon after, the same symptoms start to plague the residents within the suburbs of the city of Seoul. Where this new kind of deadly disease can kill a person within 36 hours.

Director Fernando Meirelles, Mystery science fiction, Blindness 2008Where a city is devastated by a mysterious epidemic of instant white blindness. Among the first infected is an ophthalmologist and his wife who become quarantined by the government. Sent to an abandoned mental asylum, and without any medical supplies or visual aide, hundreds of infected are left to their own means to survive.

Director Danny Boyle's, Virus Outbreak Sci-fi Horror, 28 days later 2002
Follows Jim, who wakes up from a short term coma to see that the world has drastically changed. London has become like something from a post apocalyptic movie and no-one can be found. Unknown to Jim there are plenty of people about, it's just that they've all become blood-crazed psychopaths.

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